15 Benefits of Increased Hydration

1) Significant detoxification of stored cellular toxins.

2) Balances body pH towards neutral.

3) Markedly elevates available oxygen to the cells.

4) Improves immune system function.

5) Increases energy to the body as a whole.

6) Lowers pain from any condition.

7) Increases oxygenation of cells.

8) Improves the absorption and utilization of all nutrients and supplements.

9) Helps balance blood sugar.

10) Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

11) Makes a big difference in losing weight.

12) Decreases tendencies for cellular mutation.

13) Makes sure the brain is in top function for improved mental performance.

14) Lowers tendencies of depression and anxiety disorders.

15) Deeper sleep to release stress from the day's activity.