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Roger Cochran - Cure of AIDS


The testimonial given by the two people involved in this story is an amazing proof of courage and determination to overcome one of the most complicated diseases of the century.

By meeting each other again Roger managed to save his life and Bob gained a new way of looking at orthodox medicine, sickness and health.

Roger Cochran was a doctor and served in the Viet Nam for two years with his friend doctor Bob Smith.

The stress caused by the war destroyed many men and Roger was one of them for he had hard times handling the horrors of the war. In order to overcome this he and many doctors turned to drugs. But not all did.

After leaving Viet Nam he carried on using drugs and kicked the needle too. Sometime after he managed to quit the needle but went on prescription drugs.

Later some time a tumour was diagnosed in his abdomen. He was then given radiation therapy, followed by chemotherapy. He lost weight and to gain it he forced himself to eat heavily. Including lots of rare stakes and sushi. His blood pressure rose alarmingly so he began to take diuretics.

Years later he was diagnosed with AIDS and he was not able to carry on working as a doctor.

Roger felt that his physical condition was getting worse each day and he decided to turn to his friend Doctor Bob Smith to help him overcome AIDS.

He sold his house in San Francisco and came to Los Angeles to meet with Doctor Bob.

Doctor Bob was not an AIDS specialist but was willing to help Roger in everything he could.

After examining his friend’s case he began to study everything he could about AIDS and came up with a different vision of the disease, its origin, its development and cure.

Dr. Bob’s wife found a book in a library and offered it to her husband because she felt that it could help him find some answers to his doubts. The book was written by Dr. Mendelsohn “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”, were he stated that he was convinced that annual physical examinations are a health risk, that hospitals are dangerous places for the sick, most operations do little good and many do harm, medical testing laboratories are scandalously inaccurate. This book irritated Dr. Bob for he could not believe that Dr. Mendelsohn could write things that directly offended the medical class. Nevertheless he read the book.

He then started to think carefully and observing Roger’s body and reactions. He tried to get to a conclusion by closely analysing Roger’s life and past. He knew that Roger did not get AIDS by homosexual contact and concluded by his studies that many AIDS patients were not even sexual related.

During this time Roger also studied and concluded with Bob that:

AIDS strikes both sexes but not equally. It strikes more males than females.

Age has little to do with it there are more adults than youth or children with AIDS.

Life expectancy after diagnosis seems to be the same for male and female 35 to 40 months.

Sexual activity seems to be a predominant factor. Meaning that there are a higher percentage of AIDS victims that are sexually active than those who are not.

Every single person diagnosed with AIDS has been traumatized in some manner for a period of time –, physically, emotionally, sexually, chemically, or medically.

One day Roger was invited to have dinner at Bob’s house during dinner Bob’s daughter asked Roger about his disease and then came up with a definition of AIDS, which she had learned at school that enlightened Bob. AIDS means that the immune system of the person who has AIDS isn’t working properly. Bad things made the immune system quit working.

He concluded that drugs were the cause of AIDS in Roger for he had misused them for many years.

Bob then concluded that: AIDS is not a disease epidemic at all. AIDS is an epidemic of abusive lifestyles! AIDS does not destroy the immune system. But a weakened immune system has a combination of symptoms that we call AIDS. It doesn’t cause a non-functioning immune system. AIDS is the result of an already non-functioning immune system.

AIDS is the result of the immune system stretched to and beyond the breaking point.

After getting to this conclusion many doubts arose in Bob’s head. He questioned himself on what was he going to do about his patients. Was he to refuse drugs and medication? Weren’t some drugs helpful? Necessary? What about diuretics? Tranquillisers? Pain medications? Could civilization function without drugs?

What about AIDS victims? Could they be condemned for their “drug abusive” lifestyle and then left on their own devices to solve their terminal condition the best way they could?

If the immune system has ceased to function, or nearly so, what was going to get it going again?

They both decided to have lunch the next day and during it Bob came up with new ideas that Roger never thought could be related to his disease.

Bob ordered a salad and a whole grain toast while Roger ordered a small steak, well done with fries and a large coke. He sprinkled them with salt before eating. After lunch Roger had coffee with cream into which he spooned in several spoons of sugar after tasting it he added some more sugar. He then mentioned that he was hooked on coffee since medical school.

Bob was thoughtful and asked Roger how many coffees he had during the day to which he answered more or less fifteen.

Bob then told him that the night before when he mentioned abusive lifestyle he was referring to abuse of any kind. Body abuse includes drugs, but it also includes overindulgence in eating, in sex. And this abuse sums up year after year.

Roger asked Bob if he was referring to the fact that he was hooked on coffee to which he answered affirmatively. Roger laughed for he could not believe what he was hearing but Bob told him to try quitting coffee and see the reaction. It would be the same has quitting hard drugs.

Bob explained him that he believed that many years of abuse lead to the disease and that babies were affected because at the moment of conception they impacted the abusing lifestyles of their mothers and fathers as well as their negative thinking. Shortly after birth they were filled with vaccines and inoculations, which in his opinion contributed to further complications in the future.

Bob told Roger that he was trying to make him see that he had reached the point where his body could take no more.

Roger decided to give up coffee. It was not easy. In fact it nearly killed him.

He was apparently unable to cope with caffeine withdrawal. He had a terrible reaction and had to be hospitalised. After seeing him at the hospital Bob also told him to cut out the salt for his blood pressure was to high.

One night when Bob was in his study thinking of a solution to help Roger he came across some words in the medical journals he was reading that suddenly reminded him a book he had bought once.  “Toxemia Explained” was the title, written by J.H Tilden, M.M.

The author defended that there is but a single cause for every disease. That cause is toxemia.

Toxemia explains how the universal law operates in health and disease… If wrong eating is persisted in, the acid fermentation first irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach, the irritation become inflammation, then ulceration, then thickening and hardening, which end in cancer at last.

Bob believed he had found the missing peace.

From that small beginning, his medical practice was irrevocably changed. He set out that morning to reorient his mind to healing instead of drugging and prevention instead of cure.

He felt that he did not have all the answers but light was coming his way.

Prior to relocating and reading of this book, he believed that he knew the causes of AIDS.

One day Roger telephoned Bob to tell him about an amazing book he had heard of on TV.    

“ Fit for Life” written by a couple of doctors, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. The authors defended a diet based on fruit in order to be healthy, for they believed that diseases were caused by excessive intake of protein and wrong eating habits. Roger was excited for he believed that he could have found a solution for his problem.

Bob did not give great attention to this for his mind was worried on other things. He carried on reading Toxemia searching for the answers he needed. He finally understood that the best way of helping Roger was to get him to get rid of the waste he had in his body. The following day he read several times a reference to the importance of fasting mentioned in the book. “ A fast, rest in bed, and the giving-up of enervating habits, mental and physical, will allow nature to eliminate the accumulated toxin. Then, if enervating habits are given up, and rational living habits adopted, health will come back to stay. This applies to any so called disease.”

A book and a letter were delivered to him during that day but he had forgotten about it because he had a lot of work to do. When he made his first break he finally read the letter. A woman who had been in his office to ask him some questions regarding AIDS sent it to him. She thanked him for his kindness and mentioned that her boyfriend was going to follow the route mentioned on the book. The book was titled “Fasting can save your life”, written by Herbert M. Shelton.

At the end of the day Bob was able to read the book and to his amazement Dr. John Tilden was mentioned and quoted a number of times in Shelton’s book.

Bob decided that the best way to help Roger was taking him from drugs and putting him through a fast.

He arranged his sun room and got a nurse to help him take care of Roger and then invited him to spend some days in his house where he should do nothing but rest, sleep, have sun bathes and go to the toilet. During this time he was not to have any food only some fruit and vegetable juices and water.

During this period Roger felt terribly tired, nauseated and threw up several times. He had head and strong back aches.

Inevitably Bob was affected with all this process and he began to reflect on his medical practice until then. He was astonished how things could be so simple if we learned to listen to our own bodies.

Some patients did not like his new attitude for they could not understand why he was refusing to prescribe medication, others understood him and were able to speak with him openly about all issues.

One night Roger had a terrible crisis. He was suffering severe pain in his head, legs and back. He begged Bob to give some medication in order to relieve the pain, Bob was tempted to do so for Roger was suffering a lot but he resisted for he knew that any medication would disrupt the healing process.

He took Roger into the bathroom after telling Ellen, the nurse, to prepare a warm bath. He managed to relax in the water and remained in the bath for a while. After a while he was willing to sleep.

From that night on Roger began to show small signs of improvement. Bob commented these improvements with his partner David Cohen. In Bob’s opinion Roger managed to improve his skin, he also thought that he had a brighter look in his eyes and to David’s surprise he had raised his white blood cell count and his T4/T8 ratio (lymphocytes) was improving, for the first time these two doctors were assisting to an improvement of this kind in AIDS patients. David did not keep this a secret and Bob had to deal with some unpleasant comments coming from his medical colleagues.

Roger continued doing well he felt less pain, his blood lesions were getting better, he began to sleep better, he no longer had such a terrible breath, his chest congestion and cough were clearing and although he did not eat he was feeling stronger.

One morning an arthritis patient, a 37 year old woman entered Bob’s office with a book in her hand she told him that she had been reading the book and believed that she could getter better if she followed that route, for she felt that his medication was not making her get better. She was willing to fast, as it mentioned in the book but she wanted him to treat her during this period.

Bob told her he would read the book and then communicate her his decision. The book was written by Paavo O. Airola “ There is a cure for Arthrits

This book brought greater enlightment to Bob’s understanding of AIDS and disease in general. He was struck by the following statements: “ Since the average practitioner of orthodox medicine does not have a clear understanding of the basic causative principles involved in arthritis, his treatments and remedies are symptomatic – that is, he is not treating the disease but the isolated symptoms of the disease”.

“This can only be accomplished by treatments which help to overcome the systemic disturbances, normalize the metabolic processes, and help restore all normal functions of the vital organs and glands.”

 He also believed that drugs and injections might relieve pain and modify symptoms, they do not go to the bottom of the problem they do not eliminate the underlying causes, nor do they correct the systemic disturbances. In his opinion conventional remedies, being suppressive in nature and having undesirable toxic side effects, interfere with the normal bodily processes, and actually inhibit restorative and healing efforts of the body.

He strongly defended that drugs do not possess curative powers. The cure is always brought about by the body itself, and the most that a wise doctor can ever do is to assist the body’s own healing forces.

The answer to these healing forces was what doctor Bob desperately searched for.

He later concluded that AIDS, is the result, the final result of a destroyed immune system.

Which is the reason why AIDS is always fatal: the body has reached the end of its resources to reconstruct or rejuvenate itself.

Things were getting clearer for Bob. Roger was recovering because by fasting, Roger’s body was able to eliminate the stored-up drugs he had accumulated. By placing him in a stress free environment with caring people, the self -induced drugs that his fears and anger had produced for years were also eliminated.

Ellen was also responsible for she had replaced Roger’s loneliness with acceptance and happiness. Given such an environment, Roger’s body had been able to do the rest, and heal itself.

Bob’s arthritis patient called some days latter to find out if he was willing to help her. He refused to supervise her for he felt he was not equipped to do so but recommended her a few places where she could fast and asked her to take notes of the place she was going to.

Roger carried on fasting and was already in the thirty-fifth day of abstinence from anything except fresh fruit and vegetable juices. By this time Bob thought it was necessary to slowly break up the fast by eating small quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables.

After reaching his conclusions Bob wanted to find out if there were more doctors who felt like him, if they had come forward with their conclusions or if they carried on practising orthodox medicine.

He came across some articles and letters written by doctor Caiazzo. He was Chairman of the New York Committee of Concerned Physicians. Dr Caiazzo said: “AIDS is becoming big business, involving billions of dollars in potential profits for the biomedical industry…”

He defended that due to the limited and extremely difficult manner in which it is transmitted, AIDS is fundamentally a disease of behaviour. He believed that with proper health policies at all levels, sound education of all Americans and appropriate individual responsibility, AIDS is essentially 100% preventable.  He concluded with the following statement. “ AIDS is a human tragedy of unbelievable proportions. It is also a disease we can put an end to as soon as we find the will and determination to do so. I fear, though, that such a commitment will never be realized, given the industry that we see spawning around us AIDS”.

Throughout his medical career Bob had always been loyal to the AMA (American Medical Association) and his fellow physicians. Due to all his research he began thinking if there were alternative approaches to cure and treat patients besides the orthodox means of drugs, surgery and radiation.

Dr Bob began to question himself every time he read similar articles and questioned the entire medical profession.

Bob was now faced with a difficult situation for he had to decide which path to follow orthodox or biological medicine.

He wanted to deeply study biological medicine in order top help other AIDS patients and many other patients. But he knew that he had to deal with the pressure of the American Medical Association.

After thinking on the issue he decided to tell David what was on his mind.

He told him he was willing to treat AIDS patients and others as well he did not intend to go public with Rogers cure. His idea was to make the same approach has he has done with Roger and in order to treat these patients he would send them to specialized fasting and nutrition facilities.

In order to check and research these facilities he had thought of Roger to do the work. David agreed with him and after speaking to Roger everything was settled.

Roger called to keep them informed of a facility he had found and of the good results they had obtained by treating AIDS patients and many others. He told them that people managed to cure themselves and also learned how to change their habits and treat themselves. He also told them that several organisms were chasing the facility in order to close it down. They concluded that they would also have problems if they carried on.

Bob then decided that the best way to reach all people and tell them that there are other alternatives in order to overcome disease was to write a book and get a courageous publisher to public the book and that was what Bob did.

The book ends with a letter written by Roger ten years later where he explains that they left the United States when they realized that the truth of how Roger was healed was not accepted. They were able to help many people and carry on defending their ideas. A few members of the media and many health caring professionals helped them.