My Alternative Solutions Used to Fight Cancer by Applying the Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About


My story starts at the beginning of this year. I had not been feeling well; I felt a lack of energy and I could feel something was going on with my body. But I had to put it off to overwork and carry on with an arduous schedule. I traveled constantly for work and my normal schedule would be to work 100 hours in 10 days, and then have three days off.

I had read the book, Natural Cures, and many of the things Kevin mentions there were impossible to do, due to my work schedule. I did what I could, drank more bottled water, took Coral Calcium, drank Kombucha to get the pH in my body out of being acidic, and started the AIM program (energetic rebalancing). In the early spring of this year, during an extended break I was on, I went on a cleanse - 7 Day Detox Miracle, mentioned in Natural Cures.

Before I started this I went to me see my chiropractor who also uses herbs and homeopathic remedies. Her evaluation of me was that I was VERY toxic and gave me some natural supplements and homeopathic medicines to help my body with the cleansing. There was a liver cleanse, milk thistle, vitamin E, and super food (a green food product). She found my Thyroid needed a boost so she put me on iodine. The cleanse helped but I realized there was much more to do as far as cleansing my body. I continued with Coral Calcium and Kombucha and the things she gave me.

In April I found a small lump on my left breast just under the nipple. It was about a centimeter long and close to the surface, very obvious to the touch. It had been years since I had seen a Medical Doctor but I found one I had seen from time to time in the past. In May, she arranged for me to get a mammogram and then if needed, a needle biopsy. The mammogram came out showing nothing (later I found out that the type of tissue mass in my breasts does not show cancer in the mammogram.) The doctor did an ultra sound and could tell there was a mass and did a needle biopsy. The results came back "abnormal" but not cancer.

The next step was to have a lumpectomy to further decide what was going on. This was done in July. The results came back as Cancer Stage 1.

The surgeon who had done the lumpectomy told me I would need to have more surgery done to clear out the margins (I would only lose of my nipple) and I would need to have my lymph nodes removed to be checked to see if my cancer had spread. This would include radioactive material being put into my body to find where the lymph nodes were located. He also referred me to the oncologist who would explain the treatment they recommend to handle my breast cancer.

I did go see the oncologist but he wouldn't even allow me to interrupt him if I had a question. He mentioned we would start with a certain number of chemotherapy treatments and then I would get radiation therapy. If needed I would be put on a second battery of chemotherapy treatments. This protocol would include the drug Tamoxifen, which he explained was to be used to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer in the future.

Since reading Natural Cures I had realized that I need to get myself better informed and not just take the word of the doctors on what to do, as they are required by law only to mention surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy as the only treatments available for my cancer.

I did some reading about the drug Tamoxifen and it's side effects and it seemed to risky. I found out it has been shown to produce cancer. I also reviewed the side effects of the lymph nodes being removed, and chemo and radiation therapy on my body. Additionally, I did not want to lose part of my breast because of my cancer, which is what the surgeon wanted to do.

I decided these effects on my body would be too hard to bare and sought out alternative solutions as talked about in the book. The book gave me the strength to look out of the box and do more research on alternatives.

One of my big questions was how do I find out if there is more cancer in my body and, for the future, how do I check to see if it has come back, if the mammogram doesn't work. I found out that there were three specific tests that I could do Thermogram, electro dermal test, and a blood test for cancer markers. All of these are non-invasive tests that would not further stress out my body nor have any side effects. I wanted different tests done to make sure nothing was missed and to be able to compare results. These tests were never mentioned by the medical doctors I saw.

One of the consultants for Natural Cures, Kevin's web site, lead me to the Issels Clinic in Santa Barbara, California. This clinic was founded 40 years ago and has been helping people recover from cancer, hepatitis, chromic fatigue syndrome, etc. It is run by a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Christian Issels, who is carrying on his father's work.

I did the three tests, thermogram, electro dermal, and blood, in early August 2005. My cancer markers on my blood work, came out in a normal range. The thermogram and electro dermal came up with the same results. My cancer had not spread into any other area but there were other major things in my body that needed to be fixed, which caused the problems in the first place.

First there was a situation with my teeth. This was no surprise to me and there was also an equally big situation with my stress level. Problems were uncovered that would also need to be addressed.

With an electro dermal test "50" is the normal range. Above 50 means there is a stress affecting the organ or body system and below 50 means a weakened organ or body system. There were major problems found in the Pancreas, Adrenals, Liver and digestive system. Dr. Issels informed me not to do any cleanses at this time because that would overly stress these areas and we needed to build up the body. I was to go to a dentist and get assessment on what needed to be done and then see him. Dr. Issels told me that the repair process would be taken gradually to not overstress anything and could take up to a year and a half.

To handle the stress aspect that needed to be dealt with I was given an assignment to help me deal with why I put taking care of myself to the side most of my life and I quit my job. There was no way I could put any kind of healthy life style into my life while traveling all the time. I did eat mostly organic or all naturally products while working with no fast food or eating out. This was what I had learned for the book.

I started to walk every day; my body was so run down I could only walk 20-30 minutes every other day.

I listened to Dr. Caldwell's tape on relaxation and sun bathed also per the book.

I was now able to eat only organic with a limited amount of meat protein, continued with my supplements adding to it Melatonin.

An interesting note is that for the past year I had been taking Melatonin to help we sleep while traveling. Dr. Issels increased it to 20mg per night. Melatonin has been shown to have cancer fighting properties.

I also take a drink made from about 50-75 different vitamins blended by the Issels Clinic. This drink is amazing for helping my digestive system and my body responded to it immediately.

The dental procedure determined to handle this problem was to do a deep cleaning, remove 2 teeth beyond repair, handle 3 cavities and get old fillings replaced. Dr. Issels had me proceed with the cleaning and teeth removal, but I would get an IV with homeopathic remedies and vitamins the day of the removals to help my body through the trauma, right after the procedure was done. He did not want me to proceed with the cavities and replacement of old cavity fillings.

One thing I learned in my reading of the Natural Cures book was the benefits of oxygen in the body to create an environment where disease does not want to live and creates a healthier body all around.

Kevin also talks in his book about the benefits of breathing so I went to a 5 day deep breathing seminar, Transformational Breathing, which taught deep breathing techniques and also addressed areas of stress in life. While at the seminar a chronic TMJ problem went away and a problem I had been having with foot pain went away. The breathing also created some light cleansing that really boosted my energy levels about 300%. I could hardly move at the beginning with some of the exercises but by the end of the 5 days I was keeping up with most people.

I got the dental procedures and 10 days later went back for a re-evaluation with Dr. Issels on October 17, 2005. He was amazed there were huge gains in all areas. My pancreas and liver were still somewhat out of range, but that was normal after just having the teeth pulled with the drugs required for that. I should also mention that by getting the IV drip treatment at Issels Clinic right after having my two teeth pulled, I did not have to have to use any oral pain medication after the procedure.

Dr. Issels wants me to get another Thermogram to confirm the results and then recheck the pancreas and liver. There are no traces of problems with cancer or my breasts.

All of this, a fantastic health recovery, I give to the advice from the Natural Cures book and Kevin Trudeau. First by changing my life style and starting things to fix my body before I knew I had cancer, I truly believe kept my cancer under control and perhaps could have completely taken care of the cancer with out the lumpectomy.

My body was healing itself, just as Kevin explains in his book.

Once I did apply the philosophy in the book and used many things listed in it, I was able to super charge my return to good health. People comment all the time about how glowing I look. To make sure I continue to be healthy I still take my supplements, walk each day, and become better at breaking old habits that put me into a stress mode. One really great side product of all this is I am continuing to lose weight and be more active.

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