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Cancer's Natural Enemy

Japanese researchers have uncovered a remarkable new way to boost your immune system's ability to kill cancer cells, viruses, and pathogenic bacteria by up to 300%. This is breaking news, and you're one of the first to hear about it, right here...

Cancer rates in the U.S. are officially “off the charts.” A century ago the disease occurred in 1-in-100 people. Today, half of all adults will get some form of cancer in their lifetime. That’s 1-in-2 people!

Why this alarming increase? It’s being caused by a steady and widespread breakdown of the immune system among our population. Cancer cells, you see, are naturally present in everyone’s bloodstream, but are kept in check by a special immune cell called NK (short for “natural killer”). When NK activity weakens—either from old age, poor nutrition, or stress—cancer cells are free to multiply and become tumors. That’s what’s happening throughout our country today.

We need better treatments

Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, the only treatments permitted in this country are chemotherapy and radiation. Both have horrendous side effects, such as hair loss and vomiting. Both poison the immune system and destroy NK cells, thus increasing the chances of relapse. And both have poor long-term survival rates.

This isn’t the case in other countries. In Japan, for instance, a surprising new, natural cancer treatment involves stimulating the patient’s immune system so tumors are gobbled up by a feeding frenzy of NK cells.

You might be surprised to learn that doctors trigger this sudden blast of immune activity with a natural substance found in certain Japanese mushrooms. These mushroom extracts are now one of the leading cancer prescription treatments in that country!

Using the immune system like this is the next big frontier in medicine. It holds the promise of finding real cures, not just for cancer, but heart disease, arthritis, allergies, and many other ills. It’s one of my favorite topics, which is why I report on these discoveries so often in ALTERNATIVES.

But even though the Japanese are doing a better job in the battle against cancer, it will take many years—if not decades!—before U.S. doctors accept the idea that the immune system is the key to beating cancer and other diseases. Sadly, that will be too late for most Americans who are now over 50—or younger people with a family history of these diseases.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that scientists have recently isolated the active substance in these medicinal mushrooms (called active hexose correlated compound, or AHCC) and put it into capsule form.

AHCC accomplishes the “impossible”

Initial studies done with AHCC since the 1980s suggest that this is one of the most powerful human immune boosters ever tested. It appears to increase NK cell activity by up to 300% or more! And it works quickly, usually within hours. Officials at NASA have even found that AHCC can be useful in preventing and treating infections in astronauts while they’re in space.

The best news of all is that AHCC is now available here in the U.S. without a prescription.

ALTERNATIVES is one of the first and only U.S. publications to report on AHCC. (I recently devoted nearly an entire issue to it.) Since then, I’ve received so many inquiries that I’ve created a Special Report about AHCC and its unique, cancer-killing properties. If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to send you a copy absolutely free. Here are just a few highlights from my Report…

 AHCC stimulates NK cell activity quickly, literally causing them to destroy cancer cells in hours. A medical test (the NK cell function test) shows increased NK activity just 4 hours after treatment.

 Patients with liver cancer who took AHCC as part of their treatment regimen had fewer recurrences of tumors and enjoyed higher survival rates after surgery.

 AHCC often reverses the presence of pre-cancerous cells on the cervix (shown by abnormal Pap smears), returning tissue to normal in as little as 6 months. (Cervical cancer is one of the most difficult to treat, so this is a Godsend for high-risk women.)

Studies show it can also be a powerful tool in the treatment of other cancers too—including leukemia, breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

 Unlike many cancer treatments that weaken the patient over time, AHCC makes patients healthier and stronger by increasing immune function.

What I’d do if I had cancer

If I discovered I had cancer, I would certainly take AHCC immediately to give my body extra power to fight the disease. If I had a history of cancer in my family, I’d definitely take it as a preventive.

Most of the studies on AHCC were done on patients currently undergoing conventional cancer treatments. Research suggests that AHCC can greatly improve survival rates, while reducing the bad side effects of chemo and radiation.

Since your immune system is your first line of defense against more than just cancer (it’s how your body fights off the flu, colds, recurring infections, pathogenic and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and virtually any other disease), AHCC offers benefits that go far beyond just cancer protection.

People who would also greatly benefit from AHCC include:

 Those with a history of smoking or heavy drinking.

 Individuals working in the medical field who are exposed to highly contagious diseases.

 Elderly individuals with weakened immune systems. That’s because NK cells respond slower as we get older, resulting in recurring bouts of infection and noticeable decline in general health.

I urge you to send for a free copy today—and to stay tuned to ALTERNATIVES so I can keep you updated on the newest developments in this story.