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Discover 10 natural ways to prevent, treat and reverse type 2 diabetes.

Dear Reader,

A full one-third of us risk the onset of  'adult' or type 2 strain of this widespread killer.  Along with diabetes comes the burden of a lifetime of painful injections, sugarless dieting, daily exercise and prescription drugs.

The medical establishment would have you believe that all you can do to prevent it is use 'the pink stuff' in your morning coffee and hope for the best.  But there's at least one doctor out there who's saying 'Enough!' to the mainstream's misinformation...

I'm talking about Jonathan V. Wright, MD, the alternative medicine pioneer whose nutrition-based practice has treated and cured (or greatly improved) more than 35,000 patients. The same medical maverick that doctors from all over the world seek out for training and advice. And the same man you trust to bring you the latest in natural cures month after month.

Over the years, Dr. Wright has been one of the loudest and most credible voices sounding the alarm about the risks of type 2 diabetes. Now, he's offering you the latest on proven natural solutions for the detection, prevention, treatment, and even the reversal of this crippling and deadly disease. After decades of research, he's identified the 10 best ways to avoid a lifetime of risky pills, fluctuating blood sugar levels, mood swings, cravings, binge eating, and fatigue. And when you use them to reduce and eliminate the increased risk of diabetes, you'll also reduce serious threats to your heart, blood vessels, kidneys and vision that come with the dreaded disease.

As I mentioned, Dr. Wright has spent much of his career finding ways to beat type-2 diabetes at almost any stage.

And now I've asked him to put them all together in this special report, titled 10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks

It's an exclusive resource that contains all of Dr. Wright's latest techniques for detecting, preventing, treating, and even reversing type 2 diabetes. In its pages, you'll find the information you need to understand adult onset diabetes, determine if you're susceptible to this deadly disease and gain 10 doctor-proven ways to stop it, treat it, and reverse it.

Are you at risk right now? You can still defeat diabetes before it's too late.

The list of the long-term consequences of diabetes is frightening and serious. But most conventional doctors seem to classify the disease as no more than a minor inconvenience! But we know better than that. In 10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks , Dr. Wright explains the life-threatening conditions diabetics face.

Diabetics suffer from heart disease and organ failure--both deadly diseases that can be avoided!  Even serious eye maladies and organ damage can be cured, before they become serious threats. And this exclusive report will show you how.  Dr. Wright's advice and cures can even help reverse the damage that diabetes may have already caused to your body.

The really scary part is this: It's estimated that at least one person in every three is genetically prone toward developing type 2 diabetes. And yearly checkups with the overbooked doctors at your HMO are very unlikely to reveal this predisposition to the disease. That's why Dr. Wright wants to help you determine whether you're at risk right now. In 10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks , he reveals:

  • A simple, accurate, yet often overlooked test that's been around for years that can predict  type 2 diabetes--decades before it strikes
  • The common skin condition that's 80% likely to be linked to type 2 diabetes--or the presence of the disease itself
  • The #1 indicator of insulin over-secretion--and the everyday symptoms that give it away
  • The reason your cholesterol and triglyceride levels may be sky-high--even if you've been on a low-fat diet for ages
  • Why common dieting practices cause people prone to type 2 diabetes to gain weight
  • How your family history can reveal a serious diabetes risk

The earlier you recognize the risk of diabetes, the better your chances are of preventing it. Dr. Wright knows exactly what you can do to prevent it-- and he's proven it thousands and thousands of times. It starts with one critically important first step...

Avoiding refined Sugar--'Diabetic Enemy #1'--at all costs.

On average, each American consumes between 150 and 200 pounds of refined sugar every year. That's approximately one ton per decade. This puts an unnecessary strain on your body.  You have to produce an enormous amount of insulin to manage that many tons of sugar in your lifetime. And it's no surprise that such a strain can force your body into failing health.

If you're prone to diabetes, forcing your body to metabolize tons of refined sugar will increase your odds of developing it in two ways: One, by elevating your blood sugar and causing your body to over-secrete insulin, triggering hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and insulin resistance. Secondly, refined sugar strips your body of certain key nutrients that are essential to preventing the onset of diabetes.

So if you're genetically predisposed to type 2 diabetes, the bottom line is this: The more refined sugar you eat, the more likely you'll develop diabetes. Whatever else you do to prevent (or control) diabetes, eliminating refined sugar is an absolute must! Besides, kicking the refined sugar habit is beneficial to your health in all kinds of other ways, too.

And just because you give up sugar doesn't mean you have to forego sweets completely.

Surprisingly, most of what you can do to prevent adult diabetes isn't  common knowledge--especially at HMOs and neighborhood clinics

One of the main reasons why Dr. Wright has put so much emphasis on type 2 diabetes, is that the medical mainstream doesn't seem interested in informing you about the simple ways in which it can be prevented. As usual, they seem more concerned with treatment than education and prevention. Typical!

What most doctors aren't telling you, however, is that there are many ways you can protect yourself from this common killer. Most of the basic ways to prevent diabetes are the ones you've no doubt heard before--maintaining an ideal body weight, regular exercise, and avoiding caffeine and refined sugar. But how many doctors have told you about any of the multitude of other ways you can guard against the onset of diabetes?

In 10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks, Dr. Wright will tell you about:

  • The ordinary household spice (it's probably in your cupboard right now) that helps control your blood sugar--and may take the place of some widely prescribed diabetes drugs
  • A common mineral that's woefully deficient in our diets that can dramatically lower your blood sugar--and the common vitamin that makes it even more effective
  • The heart-boosting substance our cells produce naturally that reduces blood sugar and insulin --and how we can supplement its declining production as we age
  • The little-known vitamin in some vegetables that may protect against insulin resistance 
  • A common berry extract that helps reduce retinal hemorrhaging and other forms of tissue abnormalities.
  • The everyday vitamins that inhibit glycosylation in diabetics--and can also help prevent heart disease

In addition to these diabetes-preventing secrets, you'll get valuable nutrition information and tips that'll help you lose weight regardless of whether you're already a diabetic. And Dr. Wright also suggests some surprisingly sweet and delicious alternatives to refined sugar that you can safely use everyday--and one in particular that's a tasty carbohydrate-free snack between meals.

Don't wait another minute

If you're concerned about becoming diabetic as an adult--or if you already have diabetes,  I urge you to call and get your copy of Dr. Wright's 10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks . I can assure you that as you read it, you'll understand things about the disease itself--and ways to detect, prevent and combat it--that you will never learn from mainstream sources.

By ordering Dr. Wright's 10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks now, you can get a head start on preventing, treating, and even curing yourself of this increasingly common killer. 

Sincerely Yours,

Kimberly Putnam 
Associate Publisher, Nutrition & Healing


P.S. If you are not completely satisfied with 10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks for any reason take advantage of our No-Risk Guarantee.  Simply return it within 60 days for a full return minus shipping and handling.





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