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The "Vitamin Vaccine"

The headline of the AP story read:

Government to Unveil Super-Flu Strategy

Well, hallelujah. We're saved. The Feds are ready for this year's flu season - they're on the case with all their needles and pinheads. Just like in years past, now we can count on inefficient distribution, obsolete vaccines, and marginal protection that breeds super-bugs and may actually do more harm than good...

But hey, we've got a "strategy," right?

I've got a better one. Steer clear of the government's flu lines altogether. You're far more likely to catch influenza from the sickies that flock to these things than you are to get any actual protection from the flu.

So, how do you protect yourself? A great start is to make sure you get enough vitamin C. I'm not talking eating an extra orange or about making sure you get the "USRDA" of vitamin C from Centrum or some other multivitamin. I mean aggressively and systematically stocking your body with a daily supplementation of immune-boosting, free-radical fighting vitamin C.

How does flooding your system with vitamin C work to defeat infections?

It isn't because of the vitamin itself - not exactly, anyway. It's because some of the substances we use to give ourselves extra vitamin C are rich in extra electrons that bind up and neutralize free radicals in the body, the source of most disease.

One of the best substances to do this with is sodium ascorbate (sometimes called ascorbic acid). You can buy supplements of this substance, or you can administer it intravenously, if you're comfortable with that (check with your doctor first). Evidence shows that not only is sodium ascorbate effective in helping people resist influenza and other types of infections, but that it also is astonishingly effective at eliminating flu symptoms.

Even the American Cancer Society notes that dietary vitamin C "may have a protective role" in reducing cancer risk. Heck, for them, that's a parade of an endorsement! And in even more good news on the vitamin C front...