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Like many people, Dr. Williams grew up never eating sardines. But, while treating a patient in his 80's, Dr. Williams discovered the healing powers of these tiny fish. This patient had been eating sardines regularly for more than 20 years and noticed wonderful changes in his memory, joints, skin, and energy level. That's when Dr. Williams started taking this food more seriously.

After seeing the research, Dr. Williams became a believer in sardines. And what they can do for your heart and overall health.

First off, sardines are one of the few foods that contain Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 for short)-a heart-healthy nutrient that promotes a healthy immune system, restores your youthful vitality, and even helps you maintain healthy gums. It's also a potent antioxidant that protects your cells from damaging free radicals.

Sardines also contain omega-3 oils. These fatty acids support the heart and circulatory systems, and are important for maintaining healthy skin. Plus, they may protect against free radical damage which is a factor in aging skin.

They're also little powerhouses, filled with bone-building nutrients-they contain vitamin D, which is necessary for bone growth, and immune function. And they contain calcium for strong bone support.

If you've tried sardines and didn't care for the taste, chances are you didn't have a true sardine. Unfortunately, most Americans have never had the opportunity to try a true sardine. True sardines, called Sardini Plichardue (Walbaum), come from Moroccan, Portuguese, or Mediterranean waters. And there's a very different taste profile between a true sardine, and the other species of "sardines."

Fortunately, Dr. Williams discovered one of the best sources of true sardines called Blue Galleon. They manufacture true sardines under the BELA-Olhao brand. One of the reasons some people don't like sardines is the fishy smell and taste. But BELA-Olhao sardines are different.

First of all, they come out of the extremely clean waters of Portugal- and it's reflected in their delicious taste. BELA-Olhao also cans their sardines within eight hours of the catch-so they're fresh. Freezing sardines before canning is the number one reason sardines smell fishy. Plus, they test every single catch for contaminants.

Most sardines are just packed in oil. But Blue Galleon has developed four delicious varieties by combining sardines with delicate, fresh ingredients including hot sauce, tomato, lemon, and olive oil. Dr. Williams likes to eat these sardines the way the Portuguese do- with fresh bread and fruit, and a glass of sparking water or wine.

Unfortunately, Blue Galleon Sardines are difficult to find. Therefore, to make it convenient, the team at Mountain Home has made arrangements to get them for you. Click here for our exclusive offer. Or call 1-888-887-8262 and ask for code 71932E.

Even if you've never been a sardine fan you can try these sardines with absolutely no risk or obligation. If for any reason the Blue Galleon Sardines do not meet your expectations, just return the unused portion within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price.


Dr. Williams' Mountain Home Team

P.S. We encourage you to try these delicious sardines from the fresh waters of Portugal. They are by far one of the healthiest foods you can eat. They can help to improve the smoothness and elasticity of your skin, and help protect your heart and bones. Click here to order risk free today.

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