Warren King, a local naturopathic practitioner in Minneapolis, has some valuable wisdom below about the real health hazards of microwave ovens. This hits home for me because I worked for a co. in the 70's that designed microwave-cooking accessories, working directly with scientists at Litton, the original inventors of the microwave oven. I had no idea how unsafe it was even though I inquired. Its possible the microwaved food tests I had ingested 25 years ago had something to do with developing asthma and digestive problems. I feel no ill effects today from healing my body with living foods, and good living for at least 8 years.

A little history...and additional facts....

I discovered that American microwave oven cos. like Litton, Amana, etc, were not required by the FDA to test for safety because they brainwashed the public to think all it did was innocently heat the water in the food. Not true, as you can read below.

In Russia before Perestroika in the 80's, microwave ovens were regarded such a serious health hazard from decades of research done by Russian health scientists since WW2, that microwave ovens were banned in that country for 10 years starting in 1976.

Details here:

When Perestroika opened up Russia to western corporations and a flood of modern products, the ban was lifted in the interest of creating bigger markets for American microwave oven companies, particularly Litton.

Why was a ban on something proven to be unsafe mysteriously lifted, and crucial health effects research suppressed?

My observation is that Litton also produced advanced missile guidance systems that were included in Reagan's proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative, known as "Star Wars", remember? So as a reward to Litton, a corporate special interest that supported Reagan, he got the ban lifted. And now millions of Russians suffer with Americans from microwaved food.


If the truth got out to enough people, microwave ovens should rightfully be banned. And hopefully some eco-preneur can come up with a way of recycling all the microwave ovens on the planet and convert them into something beneficial. Any ideas?

One more thing....

Then what would we do with all the mountains of GMO microwave popcorn? It’s the biggest reason why people buy the darn machines.

Healthy Regards,

Microwave Cooking By Warren King L.Ac.

Ninety percent of modern households have microwave ovens [as well as millions of restaurants]. Microwave ovens vibrate at over 2 million cycles per second (compared to 60 cycles for electric stoves), and the intense vibration can affect the cellular integrity of food as well as be absorbed by those who eat it. Salmonella bacteria, a main cause of food poisoning, have been found to survive in cold spots that do not fully cook.

In a study by Dr. Radwan Farag of Cairo University, it was discovered that just two seconds of microwave energy destroys all the enzymes in a food, thus increasing our enzyme deficiency and altering the frequency of the food. Heating proteins in the microwave for 10 minutes or more may create a new, harmful species of protein. Research showed that microwaved food produced major changes in the subjects’ blood and immune function. These included a decrease in the red blood cells that carry oxygen and take out carbon dioxide; an increase in the percentage of red blood cells and eleukocytes; higher cholesterol; and a decrease in lymphocytes. You may decide that this is a high price to pay for convenience.

And then there is this to think about: the University of Minnesota warned that microwaving a baby’s bottle can cause slight changes in the milk. In the case of a hip-surgery patient in Oklahoma, microwaving blood for a transfusion killed the patient. California scientists found that microwaved cow’s milk grew E. coli bacteria; associated with food poisoning, 18 times more than regular milk.

In another research project, two groups of subjects were fed steamed food or microwaved food. After 10 days, stool samples were taken and analyzed. The group given the steamed food had normal stools while the group given the microwaved food showed stools with a plastic -like texture, altered enzymes, and protein with altered molecular structure which could not be absorbed. Furthermore, ultrasound scans showed adhesive food particles stuck to the stomach wall.

Also, the chemicals used in plastic containers or other microwave packaging can migrate into the food. Dimethyl terephthalate, a suspected carcinogen, is commonly used for microwaved popcorn, pizza, French fries, fish sticks and Belgian waffles. There is also the danger of radiation leaking out of the microwave, which could disrupt the delicate balances in our cellular growth. Our bodies are regulated by electrical frequencies and electromagnetic fields. It would be wise to avoid disrupting these frequencies.