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Table of Contents:

1.0 Welcome Notes- Enjoy the sunshine!
2.0 Article - Hard to Find Nutrients in the
Raw Foods Diet
(C) 2006
by Michael Snyder
3.0 Recipe- Parsnip-Avocado Soup
4.0 The Raw Secrets

Hi Russ,

I hope you're having a great day! It's warm
and sunny today and I can't wait to get
outside for a bike ride.

I added a collection of raw food audio files
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2.0 Article- Hard to Find Nutrients in the
Raw Foods Diet

When I first started out eating a vegetarian
diet 10 years ago, I didn't think it was
important to learn about individual nutrients.
I didn't read any books on the subject and was
uninformed about nutrition.

I kept this viewpoint as I transitioned to raw
foods over four years ago.

I didn't understand why I wasn't getting
healthier. I had low energy levels, and my
skin was dry. The raw food books I was reading
told me not to worry about individual nutrients.

It wasn't until I attended the International
Raw and Living Foods Festival that I became
aware of essential nutrients.

There are over 50 nutrients our body cannot
make and they must be eaten in foods. If these
nutrients are missing, the body will eventually
experience symptoms of disease.

The raw vegan diet is the most nutrient rich
diet on the planet. You still need to ensure
you're receiving every essential nutrient.

I feel it's important to eat the essential
nutrients in whole foods. Supplements and
superfoods are secondary sources. One of my
favorite websites for locating food sources is

This website allows you to search for
individual nutrients in each food category.
The first step is to enter your daily diet into

Fit Day will tell you which nutrients you're
low in. Step two is to head over to Nutrition
Data to find out which foods contain these

- Iodine

Iodine is an essential nutrient hard to find
in land plants. Iodine is used by the thyroid
gland to create hormones. An iodine deficiency
causes symptoms such as hyperthyroidism and
goiter. We need between 150 and 1,100
micrograms in our daily diet.

The mid-western U.S. has iodine deficient soil.
This area was known as the goiter belt before
iodine was added into table salt.

The best sources of iodine are the sea
vegetables. The sea vegetable kelp is the best
choice because it supplies between 450 to
5,000 micrograms per gram. I purchase the
kelp granules in bulk at a local health food
store. It's also available in stores in a
'salt shaker' bottle, or on-line at

The sea vegetables are very important because
every known mineral is found in the ocean.
Dulse and kelp are two of the most nutritious
and may contain up to 80 minerals. Algae is
another mineral rich sea food containing up
to 20 amino acids and over 60 minerals and
trace elements.

- Vitamin A

Vitamin A is not found in plant foods. Our
body makes vitamin A from the carotenoids,
such as beta-carotene. The richest source is
the goji berry with over 600 carotenoids per

The goji berry also contains selenium, zinc,
and 500 times more vitamin C than oranges.
Beta-carotene rich foods are abundant on the
raw foods diet and are found in foods such as
carrots, spirulina, yams, and leafy greens.

- Selenium

A couple other key minerals to watch for are
selenium and zinc. Brazil nuts are the best
source of selenium and they have about 100
times more than the next closest raw food.

Selected food sources of selenium
(mcg/200 calories)

Brazil nuts 584.7 mcg
Cashew nuts 7.2 mcg
Walnuts 5.5 mcg

- Zinc

The essential mineral zinc is found in every
part of the body. It's necessary for a strong
immune system, healthy skin, and strong bones.

Green pumpkin seeds and napa cabbages are two
of the best sources of zinc. Other foods
containing zinc in smaller amounts are sesame
seeds, cashews, zucchini, spinach, asparagus,
tangerines, berries, and avocados.

- Long Chain Omega-3 Fats

DHA and EPA are the long-chain omega-3 fats.
They are found in high concentrations in the
brain and eyes. They are difficult to find in
the raw foods diet and are mostly found in
fish and fish oil.

Most people can make the long-chain omega-3's
when enough short and medium chain ALA
omega-3's are present. The short chain fats
are found in high concentrations in flax seeds,
hemp seeds, and walnuts.

The herb purslane is the best plant source of
EPA. Start growing purslane in your garden
because it's not available in most grocery

Certain types of algae contain both DHA and
EPA, such as the 'Omega-Zen DHA algae' and the
Klamath Lake AFA blue-green algae. The long-
chain fats are especially important for
pregnant and nursing mothers.

A study published in the British Journal of
Nutrition (BJN) in October 2002 measured rates
of conversion of ALA into the long-chain fats.
The conclusion was that women converted an
average of 36% and men converted an average of
16% of the ALA fats into the long-chain fats.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens recently wrote the
following statement:

 'E3Live and AFA Cyanophyta are the only
source of vegetarian food that has the long
chain omega 3's.  Long chain omega 3's are
extremely critical for the health of our
bodies... and particularly for depression and

Brian Clement, director of Hippocrates Health
Institute, said in a recent interview about
E3 Live:

'I just am very happy that you're speaking
about this product, because it's the most
important supplement that's hit the 21st

Both these interviews are found on the E3 Live

One of the interesting things I learned is
that it's possible to heal and repair the
body's DNA strands, or at the least slow down
the DNA deterioration and unraveling. This may
be done with Klamath AFA algae and Tachyon
energy products from 'Advanced Tachyon

(The DNA information is from Brian Clement and
the book 'Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in
Holistic Healing' by David Wagner and Dr.
Gabriel Cousens.)

- Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for good health and
isn't available in plant foods. All our
vitamin D can be obtained through sunlight

The body needs sunlight for healthy eyes and
to fully wake up in the morning. The sleep
mechanism depends on sunlight. If you're
experiencing low energy and have trouble
sleeping at night, it could be caused by
vitamin D deficiency.

Our bodies will store vitamin D through the
winter if you receive enough during the
summer. Even on cold and cloudy days you will
receive sunlight through the clouds.

On average, a minimum of 20 minutes of
sunlight is needed over the body. Practice
sunbathing because the whole body should be
exposed to sunlight, not just the hands and

If you aren't receiving enough sunlight, there
are vegan vitamin D supplements available.
One of the best ways to combat a lack of
sunshine is to purchase a full-spectrum light.

I recommend the following lights.

Litebook Light Therapy

Ott-Lite True Color Lamp: Desk Lamp; fold-up
design; model #OTL13TCGG

Philips Lighting: Service Lighting Products,
Steve Hunt, P. O. Box 3880, Central Point, OR.
97502; (800) 722-7286; or special order at
lighting/hardware stores.
TL-950 fluorescent tubes: CRI (Color Rendering
Index) 98! (Sunshine is CRI 100.) Best 'full-
spectrum' lighting I have found; (does not
contain UV.)
Industrial version is Triten 50.

- B-12

Friendly bacteria inside our digestive tract
create vitamin B-12. The problem is that not
everyone is absorbing adequate amounts from
this bacteria. A B-12 deficiency affects
people on every diet, not just the raw foods
diet. It's estimated that 80% of the raw vegan
population will become deficient over time
without supplementation.

It's hard to tell if you are in the 20% who is
making enough B-12. A B-12 deficiency test
will cost over $80.00. I recommend purchasing
a high quality B-12 supplement, one bottle
should cost between $5 and $15 and will last
about 6 months for general maintenance.

A good B-12 supplement is available at your
local health food store, at,
or on Nutritional yeast
contains B-12 but I feel it's better to eat a
high quality supplement.

There's more hard to find essential nutrients
for you to discover in my e-book,
'The Health Evolution'.

Pick up your copy by clicking here==>


3.0 Recipe- Parsnip-Avocado Soup

This recipe is from "The Raw Gourmet,
Simple Recipes for Living Well", by Nomi
Shannon.(Alive Books)

Nomi's website-

Parsnip-Avocado Soup

- 1 large parsnip, grated (unless using a
K-tec or Vitamix then you can just cut it up)
- 1/2 water or celery juice
- 1 large stalk peeled celery, cut up
- 1/4 avocado
- 2 teaspoons flaxseed oil
- squeeze of lemon juice (optional)
- 1/2 teaspoon sea salt (optional)

In a blender blend parsnip and liquid until
smooth. Add remaining ingredients, blend
until smooth.


4.0 The Raw Secrets:
The Most Acclaimed Raw Food Book!

One of the most useful resources in the health
world is the e-book 'The Raw Secrets: The Raw-
Vegan Diet in the Real World.'

Frederic Patenaude, editor of the Pure Health
& Nutrition Newsletter (and formerly of the
magazine 'Just Eat An Apple'), wrote 'The Raw
Secrets' to relate his experience with diet
and healthful living habits and the problems
he and others have had trying to make them
work in the 'real world.' He reveals all the
'secrets' he has learned along the way.

Frederic recently unveiled a new website
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The new format is easier to print and
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chapters have been rewritten to reflect his
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Thanks for your support, Russ, and
have a wonderful day!


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