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ThyroMend™ Dramatically Improves Thyroid Hormones.

I was talking with a healthcare professional about how to improve thyroid function, and shared lab results from a patient I consulted with in the past. After hearing how excited the practitioner was by the case I shared, I decided to share this case with you. My goal is to help you, your family and friends have a deeper understanding about how the thyroid hormones work, and why I formulated ThyroMend™ to have specific action on thyroid hormones.
These thyroid lab tests are from a woman in her 60s, who had a problem with weight gain, fatigue and not thinking as clear as she used to. 

Her thyroid hormones were all “in range”, but they were severely imbalanced. 
Her free T3 was at the 25th percentile. This “suboptimal” free T3 is really significant because free T3 is considered the active form of thyroid hormones. Free T4 is considered a precursor – not as active as free T3. That is also significant because subclinical hypothyroidism can be present if free T3 or free T4 are below the 30Th percentile. Her free T4 – the less active thyroid hormone – was at the 30th percentile. It was right at the point where you start to get concerned. These levels were both “suboptimal”, but did not account for how bad she was feeling. Something else was wrong.

When I looked at her Reverse T3 – the thyroid hormone that does the opposite (the reverse) of T3 – was at the 100th percentile – right at the top of the reference range. When Reverse T3 becomes elevated, the metabolism of the body shuts down. It is more of an “inactivating” hormone, which interferes with T3 function if the Reverse T3 gets too high.

Her anti-thyroid antibodies (anti-thyroglobulin and anti-thyroid peroxidase) were all low throughout the testing. She did not have autoimmune thyroid disease. Her problem was too much Reverse T3.


In the first month after starting ThyroMend™ her Reverse T3 dropped to the 90th percentile, while her free T3 increased to the 38th percentile and free T4 increased to the 40th percentile. In the third month of taking ThyroMend™ her Reverse T3 dropped to the 50th percentile – close to the middle of the reference range.

As you can tell, I use percentiles to analyze hormone levels. Looking at levels as being “in range” does not give the full picture. I also compare hormones with each other. A good way to get the big picture is to compare the “active” hormones with the “inactivating” hormone. That “Thyroid Hormone Ratio” would be a ratio of free T3% + fee T4% / RT3%. The Thyroid Hormone Ratio is the definitive proof of improved thyroid hormone function. A common mistake is to look at just T4 and T3 and not pay attention to the Reverse T3.

Her ratio went from 55% up to 129% - demonstrating that her metabolism had increased. As a result, she started to lose weight, had more energy and her thinking became more clear – less “brain fog”. The attached image shows how the Reverse T3 (red line) dropped, while the Thyroid Hormone Ratio (green line) rises significantly.

I advise that all of the thyroid hormones be tested as I mention on the page about Thyroid Lab Tests at


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