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Issue 184:
"Vaccine Conspiracy": The First Casualty of War is Truth

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You must have heard saying: "The first casualty of war is truth. The second casualty are the innocent."

Does this apply to the "war on diseases"?

Vaccines are the weapon of choice in the war on many diseases.  The unanswered questions are:
What happens with the truth?  What happens with the innocent?


Click To Enlarge / View Real Size ImageIn the previous newsletter I informed you about the documentary airing on Norwegian TV2 channel.
The documentary (unfortunately only in Norwegian language) is now available on the web.
In order to gain the access to TV2 web-TV, you have to sign and pay a subscription. Subscription costs $5/week or $10/month and is renewed automatically.  If the only reason for subscribing is access to vaccine documentaries, you are advised to unsubscribe after downloading it, or they will continue to charge you for as long as you are subscribed.

Images published in this newsletter are courtesy of  TV2, NIPH, NRK and Svein Erik Berner.

In this newsletter, I will give you the main highlights from the documentary.  Before the documentary, here is a small introduction to the history of vaccination in Norway.

Norwegian Vaccination History Timeline


Smallpox infectionSurgeon Magnus Andreas Thulstrup started the first recorded vaccination against Smallpox (variola vera virus) in Christiania (Oslo*). It was 3 years after Edward Jenner published his experience in England.
Vaccine was imported from England or Denmark. It was actually a Cowpox vaccine.

Edward Jenner developed the Cowpox (smallpox) vaccine using cowpox fluid (the name vaccine is derived from the Latin vacca, cow); his first vaccination occurred on May 14, 1796.

(* Oslo, capital of Norway was named Christiania from 1624-1878, Kristiania from 1878-1924, Oslo from 1924)


Smallpox infectionMass vaccination against Smallpox (variola virus) started (Cowpox vaccine).

Smallpox vaccine was mandatory until 1976. Vaccine is optional today.


The Animal Vaccine Institute was founded in Kristiania (Oslo).  Smallpox vaccine production started in Norway.



NIPHNorwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH) (Folkehelsa) was founded. It's main goals:
- Vaccine production
- Vaccine Import
- Mass vaccination of theNorwegian population
- Education on the importance of Vaccination
- Research and prevention of diseases and epidemics




Introduction of BCG-vaccine(Bacillus of Calmette and Guérin = Tuberculosis Vaccine)  BCG vaccination of teens was mandatory until 1995.  Optional today.
Bacillus of Calmette and Guérin (BCG) is a vaccine against tuberculosis that is prepared from a strain of the attenuated (weakened) live bovine tuberculosis bacillus, Mycobacterium bovis, that has lost its virulence in humans by being specially cultured in an artificial medium for years. The bacilli have retained enough strong antigenicity to become a somewhat effective vaccine for the prevention of human tuberculosis. At best, the BCG vaccine is 80% effective in preventing tuberculosis for a duration of 15 years. However, one third of clinical trials have shown no protective effect.


Norwegian DTP vaccineIntroduction of DPT (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)-vaccine.  Optional today.

In 1994, the Institute of Medicine of the US National Academy of Sciences published a report stating that if the first symptoms of neurological damage occurred within the first seven days following vaccination with whole-cell pertussis vaccine, the evidence was compatible with the possibility that it could be the cause of permanent brain damage in otherwise apparently healthy children.


Introduction of Poliomyelitis vaccine into the Norwegian childhood vaccination program.  Newborns and school kids. Optional today.
Two polio vaccines are used throughout the world to combat polio. The first was developed by Jonas Salk, first tested in 1952, and announced to the world by Salk on April 12, 1955. It consists of an injected dose of killed polio virus. Thereafter, Albert Sabin produced an oral polio vaccine using live but weakened (attenuated) virus. Human trials of Sabin's vaccine began in 1957 and it was licensed in 1962.


Introduction of Measles vaccine into the Norwegian childhood vaccination program.  15 months age.  Replaced 1983 with MMR.


A system for reporting on infectious diseases and on adverse reactions to vaccines was created. All adverse reactions to vaccines were suppose to be reported to Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH).  Prior to 1975, national system for reporting possible adverse reactions and complications did not exist. Without a system on the national level, there was no way of finding real frequency of complications and adverse events occurring after vaccination.


Discontinuation of mandatory Smallpox vaccine after 170 years of use.  Smallpox eradicated according to WHO.


Introduction of German Measles (Rubella) vaccine. Replaced 1983 with MMR.


VaccinationIntroduction of MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine. At 15 months and at 12 year age. Optional today.


Norwegian DPT vaccine DiscontinuedNorwegian Institute for Public Health discontinued production of it's own DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus)-vaccine and started importing DPT.

Last Norwegian-produced DPT vaccines were used during the 1984/85.


Introduction of HIB (Haemophilus influenzae type b) vaccine. Babies. Optional today.


Number of asthma cases exploded in Norway.  10% of Norwegian kids get asthma. Asthma is the #1 most frequent chronic illness in Norway.  Not known if the epidemic has anything to do with vaccination.


Discontinuation of mandatory BCG-vaccine.  Optional today.


Introduction of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine into the Norwegian childhood vaccination program. Optional today.




The Documentary
Document 2, Berner's Child

Sten Eilert Skatvedt Berner, today, 25 years old

Today, Eilert is 25 years old. When he was 3 months old, he suffered brain inflammation and as a result, permanent brain injury, short time after receiving DPT shot.

1981, October



  Images of Eilert taken days before DPT vaccination.


All images in this newsletter are linked to larger images on CureZone web site. Just click on the image to see the larger version

1981, October 29th

DPT vaccination

Svein Erik Berner, Father of Eilert

"It was 29th of October 1981, approximately at 1pm.   I still remember the nurse and that vaccine.  That little needle changed Eilert's life forever,...  and my life.

Following three days after the vaccine,  Eilert was a different child. He cried a lot. But this cry was different then what we were used to. But, the message from the nurse was to expect such crying." said Svein Erik Berner, Eilert's father.

1981, November 1st, 11am

Day 3 after receiving DPT.

Gunn Karin Skatvedt, mother of Eilert

"I was about to change him when I got that strange scary cold feeling.  It was just as if I knew that something was terribly wrong with Eilert. When I took him in my hands, his lips were blue, his face was white and his body was totally lifeless. He was still breathing, but he was not well." said Gunn Karin Skatvedt, Eilert's mother.

Ambulance took him to the local Baerum Hospital. After the examination at the Baerum Hospital, Eilert was sent further to The National Hospital in Oslo (Rikshospitalet).

1981, November 1st
Gulla Berner grandmother of Eilert

"When I saw him in that hospital bed, I could not recognize him. He looked totally lifeless. I said to the nurse: this is not my grandchild ... where is my grandchild? ....  she said yes, that is him, ... and, it may not be as bad as it looks like, she said"  said Gulla Berner, Eilert's grandmother.

Eilert was, for the next 3 weeks, in The National Hospital in Oslo. He suffered meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes (meninges) covering the brain.
Neurologists and pediatricians wrote that brain inflammation was most likely caused by the DPT vaccine that Eilert received 3 days earlier.  Doctors reported the case to the Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH), as they were supposed to do in case of any complication possibly caused by a vaccine.  But, Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH) refuses to register the event as possible adverse reaction or an injury caused by a DPT vaccine.

Svein Erik Berner, Father of Eilert

"When we left The National Hospital, we were optimistic, but we did get the message that Eilert most likely suffered brain damage, though nobody knew how serious was it that time."

"I contacted  The Norwegian Institute for Public Health and got the message that Eilert did not suffer from vaccine reaction.

They haven't even seen his journal!  They knew almost nothing about Eilert, but they refused to register this as possible vaccine caused injury." 

Hanne Nokleby, Director of the Vaccine Division at The Norwegian Institute for Public Health

"A system for reporting on infectious diseases and on adverse reactions to vaccines was created 1975.
All reactions, or all serious reactions to vaccines, or complications as it was called before,  were to be reported to the Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH)" said Hanne Nokleby, Director of the Vaccine Division at The Norwegian Institute for Public Health

Reporter: "And what happens then?"

Hanne Nokleby: "Then, they are examined and categorized as serious or less serious."

Reporter: "What was NIPH doing to follow up on those reports of reactions or complications?"

Hanne Nokleby: "I have no information about that, cause there is nobody today who used to work in NIPH during 70s and 80s, who could answer that question.
We know that replies were sent to some of those reports.  But systematic follow up and replying to reports ... we did not start before some years later."

Svein Erik Berner, Father of Eilert

Svein Erik Berner encountered resistance when trying to find out what happened to his son, and why  NIPH didn't record it as an adverse vaccine reaction.     

"They called it Near SIDS (Near Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). I never heard about it before.
I told them that they received the report from the doctors who treated Eilert.  Doctors stated that it was most likely an adverse reaction to DPT vaccine. I asked if they registered it as vaccine injury?

They said, no, we haven't, cause they thought it was not a vaccine reaction, it was "Near SIDS".

"I told them that they are ignoring conclusions of the doctors who treated Eilert.  Doctors of The National Hospital in Oslo are considered the most respected neurologists and pediatricians in Norway!"

Svein Erik Berner, Father of Eilert

Nobody knew at that time how serious brain injury Eilert suffered.

"When we left The National Hospital, we were optimistic, but we did get the message that Eilert most likely suffered brain damage, though nobody knew how serious was it at that time."

"We got the message that Eilert needs to be stimulated in all possible ways in order to minimize possible development delays caused by the possible brain damage."

"It is important to stimulate child with brain damage from early age to minimize the side effects."

"Eilert needed help for absolutely everything."


After a while, questions started pushing forward. 

Why didn't NIPH record it as adverse reaction?

Why wouldn't they even consider the possibility that Eilert suffered injury as a result of a vaccine produced by NIPH?

Svein Erik Berner: "It was almost unbelievable. I received a letter from NIPH with articles on SIDS, Near SIDS."

"I started researching the questions."

"I figured out that Eilert should be compensated for injuries that he suffered."

"Eilert was the front soldier who was injured in a battle against diseases. Children are not vaccinated only for their own good.  It is to protect the society as whole against epidemics."

Svein Erik Berner files a Lawsuit against the Norwegian State in order to press them to acknowledge Eilerts injury and to get the compensation for Eilert.




On Flagtvedt, outside of Bergen, lives a family that has similar experience with NIPH.
NIPH did not want to record their experience as a possible vaccine injury.

Today, Kamille is 22 years old.


1984, August 1st

Camilla was vaccinated August 1st, 1984.  The same evening she was sick. Just like Eilert, she also suffered brain damage.

NIPH concluded: Camilla was Near SIDS (Near Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


Monika Enehaug Yndestad, mother of Camilla

"Camilla was suffering bronchitis, and has received penicillin. We went to a doctor, and he examined her and said she was now OK. Then he said that she could receive a vaccine now, so she doesn't need to come back again to the health station." said Monika Enehaug Yndestad, mother of Camilla

Same evening, 6 hours after the DPT shot, Camilla was found in bed blue in her face, not breathing. She was rushed to the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.

Today, Camilla needs help with anything and everything. She is 22, but she is like s small child with very strong will.

Question on the possibility that her injury was caused by vaccine popped up early.

Camilla's parents file a Lawsuit against the Norwegian State.

They loose on the first two court instances.

After appeals, the highest court takes the case. State lawyers did not want the case tried at the highest court. 

After a court battle that lasted 12 years, state lawyers offer settlement outside the court.  State covers all court expenses, and compensates Camilla for injuries.  Exact amount of the  compensation is kept secret. Newspaper articles reporting the case were entitled: Large compensation after 12 years of court battle.

Svein Erik Berner, Sten Eilerts father

Svein Erik Berner also lost the case against the Norwegian State on the first instance of the court. He was not sure if he wanted to appeal.  He already invested one year of his life into the first trial.

"I felt strongly that authorities were hiding information, suppressing information and they were also coming forward with clearly wrong information and that has really made me mad" said Svein Erik Berner, Sten Eilert's father.


Svein Erik Berner appeals, and searches for help from internationally recognized experts.

Professor Hans Krokan at NTNU, Trondheim University, Norway

One of them is is a physician and a professor in genetics Hans Krokan, Professor at NTNU ( Trondheim University), Norway.

Dr. Hans Krokan leads a large group of experts in one of the most advanced medical projects.

"I believe it is highly probable that there is a connection between the vaccine and the  injuries, but you can not be 100% sure. It is impossible to be 100% sure."

"When you are vaccinating with a whole cell vaccine, child will be exposed to all components, proteins of the Pertussis bacteria. If those components are not fully inactivated, it could cause serious complications and reactions inside brain.

It has been shown in experiments with mice.  It has been demonstrated in animal models that there are several components in Pertussis bacteria that could develop serious reactions inside brain. It is the animal model that has made it possible to create a diagram of the mechanism that leads to brain injury." said Dr. Hans Krokan.

Dr. Jonh H.Menkes, Neurologist

Dr. Hans Krokan is not the only one holding the opinion. There are dozens of experts,  physicians, who support Berner in court.

From his office in Los Angeles, Dr. John H. Menkes, one of the worlds leading experts on vaccine injuries supports Berner.  He said: "I would be glad to come to Oslo to testify as expert witness".

Dr. John H. Menkes have examined Eilerts journal. Dr. Menkes is pediatrician specialized in pediatric neurology.  He has written text books, some of which are part of the Medical curriculum all over the world, including Norway. His name is well known and respected.

When it comes to Eilerts brain injury, Dr. Menkes is clear:
"I would have said in court that by far most likely is that this boy, Sten Eilert, was injured by a component of this triple vaccine, and component being the Pertusses bacterium ... and that onset of his illness coincided with the administration of the vaccine."

Eilert's brain has marks since inflammation. Marks where it was suppose to be brain tissue.

Dr. Menkes has seen similar marks on other children that suffered vaccine injury.  The society must admit that injuries are happening, and must take the responsibility.

Who is right?  NIPH or Dr. Menkes? 

The Health authorities of other countries have concluded: Brain injuries after DPT are rare but it happens.  It is the Pertussis component that is responsible.

Several countries have discontinued vaccinating with whole cell DPT after numerous injuries, including Sweden and France.


"After the examination of the whole case, it is my opinion that Pertussis component is not responsible for brain injury." said Hanne Nokleby, Director of the Vaccine Division at The Norwegian Institute for Public Health.  

Hanne Nokleby (NIPH): "After the total evaluation one must conclude that Pertussis component is not the most likely explanation for the brain injury."

Reporter: "So, one has to chose what to believe?"

Hanne Nokleby: "Or one should look at what the most likely explanation is ... and I believe that main weight pushes against the idea that there is a link between Pertussis vaccine and injuries."

Hanne Nokleby: "But, even if the main weight is against the idea that there is a link between Pertussis vaccine, one can not absolutely eliminate that possibility. In a single example, it is impossible to state: Yes, this is for sure Pertussis injury ... or this is for sure NOT Pertussis injury.  In a single example, it is impossible to prove that it was not vaccine ... but one can say something about the probability of something like that happening."


Norwegian DPT Difteri-Tetanus-Pertusus vaccine

One that fills the syringe must trust and believe that the content will not cause injury.
But, if one that fills the syringe is the same one that produces it and the same one that should record adverse reactions, it is possible that it may affect it's ability and desire to acknowledge and record the adverse reactions and complications.

NIPH had responsibility for production, vaccination and for recording and evaluating the adverse events.

In Norway, we have a saying for this: "to set the fox to keep the geese." ("å sette bukken til aa passe havresekken").

During the 80's, all unwanted effects of vaccines were classified in 2 major groups: Side effects and complications.  The most serious conditions were called complications.

Side effects:

1980:  223
1981:  422

These were: allergic reactions, high fever, shock after the injection and cry ... all considered side effects.

Complications are reports of more serious events. Eilert's brain inflammation would be one of those. It should have been recorded as a possible vaccine related complication, but NIPH refused to record it as adverse event, even it was against the law.

There were 127 complications recorded during the 80's.











Leif Kåre Solberg, sociologist





DPT vaccine and SIDS






Another number was extremely high during the 80s. It was the number of children who's death was labeled  SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

SIDS is a label given when an infant dies of unknown cause. Child usually dies while sleeping, without an apparent cause.
Fear was spreading between health professionals and between parents, fear that vaccines are responsible for SIDS.

Alarmingly large number of SIDS cases were reported in Oslo from 1979 to 1982, all occurring during the first few weeks after DPT shot.

Were those cases related to vaccines?

1982, Dr. Jens Steen and sociologist Leif Kåre Solberg from Oslo Oslo Board of Public Heath delivered a report to Health Minister and to NIPH about possible link between DPT vaccine and SIDS in Oslo.  Report examined SIDS cases from 1/1/1979 until 1/7/1982.

Dr. Jens Steen was chief physician of the Mother and Child department at Oslo Board of Public Heath and had medical responsibility for all Health stations in Olso.  Leif Kåre Solberg was chief of the Clearing department at Oslo Board of Public Heath.

This report was stamped "Top Secret" and was shared with not more then 5 people. They did not want to cause panic before they have more data.

The research examined 14,000 vaccinated kids.  15 of them died after receiving DPT vaccine produced by NIPH.

12 of 15 died within 4 weeks, while 7 of 15 died within 7 days after receiving DPT.

These numbers were alarming. At the meeting decision was made to produce a second report covering longer period of time and covering whole Norway.

Leif Kåre Solberg produced the second report.

The second report did not find a link between DPT and SIDS. This report was also stamped "Top Secret".

Here are the results of SIDS analysis from 2004:

 SIDS statistics in Norway, from 1967 to 1998   SIDS statistics in Norway, from 1967 to 1998, per month  Click on the images to enlarge.

The diagram shows that most deaths occurred during the second month, which is before the DPT shot. DPT was given at 3 months of age.  There is no visible peek on the diagram at 3 months of age.  If DPT was linked to SIDS, one would expect to see a peek at 3 months of age.

The problem with this research is that it has not taken into account a possibility that only vaccines used in Oslo were problematic or that only vaccine given during a 2 years period were the hot batch.

If only vaccines delivered to Oslo had problems, then Oslo statistics would have been overshadowed by numbers from the whole country, and by addition of numbers from other years.



Svein Erik Berner have been frequent guest of many medical libraries during the last years.

Through the studies of medicine and Norwegian vaccination history Svein Erik Berner have discovered important documents, documents nobody new existed. Here is one of them.

Vaccine statistics from the NIPH are not recorded by the The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA). (NoMA is the national, regulatory authority for new and existing medicines.)

Further research into the problem brings several documents. Already 1981, NoMA sent a letter to NIPH (SIFF) reminding them that all adverse reactions, including serious complications, are to be reported to NoMA (SLK).

But, that did not happen.

When health teams were vaccinating kids, they were obliged by law to report serious adverse reactions to NIPH (SIFF). But, NIPH who received the reports, ignored those reports and did not report further to NoMA (SLK). The result of this was that NIPH "made invisible" hundreds of complications reported by doctors from all over the country. NIPH also excluded possible serious injures from all statistics by labeling them and calling them the Near SIDS.

During the period from the 1978 to 1985  NIPH registered 127 serious complications and several hundreds of less serious adverse reactions after DPT. 

During the same 8 years period, NoMA (SLK) registered only 4 complications.

4 cases Complications DPT registered 1978 1985 NMCA by #39810 4_cases_Complications_DPT_registered_1978-1985_NMCA.jpg

Registering failed.    System failed.


Dr. John H. Menkes: "There are lots of people who do not think of it .....  that vaccine can produce damage.


Cause they shouldn't produce damage, ..... they feel they don't." 

End of Part I


The second part of this documentary is available on CureZone website: