Why Zeolites are the Best Detoxifier

We live toxic lives in a toxic world: every day we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals that were unknown to our grandparents. In fact, it is estimated that there are now nearly 100,000 toxic chemicals in the environment, with a quarter of these known carcinogens or cancer-causers. Indeed, the average food basket from an American supermarket contains between 60 and 80 pesticide residues, 50% of municipal water supplies in the US are contaminated, and hospital studies have shown that new born babies are now contaminated with hundreds of toxins, including deadly dioxins. These are not just US statistics — toxic overload has become a worldwide problem.

Nations sweep this problem under the carpet because they are committed to the industrialisation which produces almost all these toxins. And it is an easy problem for most to try to psychologically deny because these toxins are invisible, and their effects in our bodies are accumulative over time. Medical researchers have only relatively recently started to study long-term low-dose exposure, and they are coming up with some very worrying data. Just because toxin levels in our bodies are not usually high enough to kill us outright or induce obvious organ damage, does not mean that the body can cope with them. In fact, recent research is finding that chronic low-level toxic exposure — the kind we are all exposed to everyday of our lives — damages the immune system and interferes with enzyme activity, our hormone balance, cell growth and brain function. And over time, these have very serious repercussions such as cancer (75% or more of which has been attributed to environmental toxins), vascular diseases, liver poisoning, mental-health diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and general ill health and low vitality.

Is it any wonder that cancer, for example, has become endemic in our civilisation, with one in two men and one in three women developing this dreaded disease at some point in their lives? And the escalating number of cancer cases shows no sign of abating, despite our government's "war on cancer" which has focused on throwing even more toxins (chemotherapy) at the body in an effort to poison the cancer, cancer which was likely to have been caused by poisons in the first place!

Whilst conventional medicine has generally ignored this issue and continues to largely back pharmaceutical drug-solutions to health problems — which unfortunately exposes our bodies to even more toxins and their potential side-effects — alternative and complementary practitioners and doctors have always known that detoxification has to form the backbone of any healthcare treatment program for chronic diseases because toxification is the number one disease trigger. In fact, nobody in today's polluted world can experience optimum health without minimising exposure to harmful chemicals and undergoing regularly detoxification. The first can largely be achieved by eating organic and unprocessed food whenever possible, using natural toiletries and cosmetics, avoiding tap water, and only taking drug medicines that are essential. The second — detoxification — can be best achieved by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure water a day whilst using a new health product called "liquid zeolite".

Imagine countless trillions of minuscule molecular cages circulating around in your body with the ability to selectively capture molecular toxins such as heavy metals, radioactive ions, viral particles and other damaging molecules before safely carting them out of your system, so that your toxic load is substantially reduced. Imagine if these tiny cages could also, by trapping excess protons, help alkalise our bodies, raising immunity and disease-resistance in the process. Imagine what a breakthrough in natural healthcare and disease prevention this would be.

A vision of some futuristic nanotechnology in a science fiction novel? No. These tiny molecular cages are very real and are derived from a natural mineral source. And they are used everyday by tens of thousands of people around the world to reach unimagined levels of health and vitality, because they offer a way for us to detoxify safely, efficiently and rapidly. In fact, no other detoxifier can come close to the efficiency of this new product. Suspended in a clear and tasteless solution that is simply added to water, these tiny mineral cages are sold in small plastic bottles labelled "Liquid Zeolite".

Zeolites are naturally occurring crystalline aluminosilicate minerals that can be found in rock deposits throughout the world. They are formed by a process known as devitrification or crystallization of volcanic ash, a process that takes place over millions of years when lava remains in contact with fresh or salt water. The word 'zeolite' itself is an amalgam of the two Greek words for 'boiling stones' because of the steam that is given off when these rock crystals are heated, due to their high water content. Zeolites have a molecular stacked-cage or honeycomb structure formed of silicon and aluminium oxides. As a result of the electronic configurations of the aluminium, silicon and oxygen that make up these tiny zeolite cages, each has an overall negative charge which means that they attract positively charged particles, in much the same way that a magnet attracts iron filings.

Generally, the molecular-size zeolite cages or holes come ready-packed with positively charged metal ions such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium and iron, which balance out their negative charge, making them more electronically stable. However, the door of the box or cage is always open, so if another charged metal ion, free radical, viral particle or excess proton comes along with a greater attraction or affinity to the zeolite box then it will exchange with the metal ion already in the box. It is this exchange property of zeolite which gives it its remarkable detoxification properties.

Records show that zeolites have been used for nearly a thousand years and probably more in traditional remedies throughout Asia, and a zeolite powder was given to those affected by nuclear fallout from Chernobyl to remove radioactivity from their bodies (20 tons of it was also dropped on the reactor itself to mop up the radioactivity). These minerals have also been used for decades in water and air purifiers (NASA uses them in its shuttle life-support system) and in animal feeds because they increase gut nutrient absorption, and have, in the last 15 years, undergone extensive pharmaceutical research on their health-giving properties for humans. As a result, highly purified forms are increasingly turning up as food additives and food supplements for human consumption.

Liquid zeolite is a brand new health supplement that uses a unique manufacturing process that not only removes all impurities from the starting zeolite mineral but "activates" the free-floating cages or boxes so that they are preloaded with magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous ions which not only exchange easily with heavy metals but are also healthy for the body. The supplement is so efficient that just 100 drops has the equivalent toxin absorption area of nearly 8m²! There is no other health supplement on the market that is as pure or as effective at detoxifying the body.

Oral liquid zeolite was the brainchild of Harvey Kaufman who spent fourteen years in its development and application. The manufacturing process uses the same top grade zeolite used by NASA as a starting material, sourced from mines in Montana and Texas known for their zeolite purity, before putting the rock through a liquidation, purification and activation process that involves heating it in an acid solution for a couple of hours at a temperature of 100C (212F). Kaufman's invention was sold to biochemist Rik Deitsch who now licenses it to an MLM company selling selling it as a branded liquid health supplement. (No doubt, more brands of liquid zeolites will be developed in the near future as this supplement is so remarkably beneficial.)

Of course, no product can be used in every single situation. Dr. Rik Deitsch, the biochemist who has done research on liquid zeolite, states that it may conflict with metal containing medication such as lithium and carboplatin and so should not be taken by those on these drugs. This is because it could potentially deactivate them by removing the metal ions.

That said, liquid zeolite is certainly one of the safest health supplements on the market today and one that is essential for anybody wanting to find and maintain optimum health in a toxic world.

* * *

Toxicity, acidic conditions and viral load, all of which suppress the immune system and interfere with normal cellular metabolism, are behind a whole array of conditions that plague humanity — from cancer and other serious chronic illnesses, to low energy and a susceptibility to colds and flu. Because liquid zeolite is able to help remove the root cause of immune suppression and metabolic imbalance, it has been accredited with not only bringing relief to a broad spectrum of different disease conditions (have a look at some of testimonies in the index) but also helping healthy individuals reach new levels of vitality. Such a spectrum of benefit can raise skepticism in those who do not appreciate common causes of ill health, but the science behind liquid zeolite is pretty sold and supports its unique mechanism of action. By removing fundamental disease causes in the ways outlined above, liquid zeolite is able to catalyze the body's innate healing mechanisms, bringing important and life-changing health benefits to those who take it, some unexpected.

The question is: what would happen to you if you liberated your body from its accumulating toxic burden, a burden that has been depressing your immune system, degrading your body's natural cellular regeneration and repair mechanisms, slowing your mitochondrial energy production, and disrupting your hormone balance for practically your whole life? What would happen if you unleashed the natural healing powers of this miracle that stands before you in the mirror? There is only one way to find out…

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The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are unwell or taking medication, we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner before starting a zeolite program. Liquid zeolite is not a medicine, and is not intended for the treatment/prevention of disease.